Various versions of the FUND model, their application, and their availability. Some ("Exp") are experimental versions of the model, not to be used by non-expert users. You can obtain the source code by contacting the developers. The model code of "Dev"-Versions will be made available after peer review.

1.0-1.5Experimental versionsNone

1.6Cost-benefit analysis; cost-effectiveness analysisFUND1.6

1.7As 1.6,with methane emission reductionExp

1.8As 1.6, with alternative forms of discountingExp

1.9As 1.6, with alternative social welfare functionsExp

2.0Updated impactmodule; coalition formationFUND2.0

2.1Limited international trade and investment, alternative social welfare functionsFUND2.1

2.2Extended time horizon; thermohaline circulationDev

2.3Endogenous technological changeDev

2.4Extended impact module, development aidDev

2.516 instead of 9 regions, coalition formationDev

2.6Health-wealth feedbacksFUND2.6

2.7Methane and nitrous oxide emission reductionFUND2.7

2.8Diarrhoea, extension to 2300FUND2.8downloaddownload
2.8nImpacts only; 207 countriesDev

2.9Updated climate moduleDev

2.9bAdded SF6Dev

2.9cDynamic biosphereDev

2.9dUpdated radiative codeFUND2.9d

3.0New softwareExp

3.1Fixing bugsExp

3.2All bugs fixedExp

3.3Updated ecosystem impactsFUND3.3downloaddownload
3.4Extratropical stormsExp

3.5Terrestrial biosphereFUND3.5downloaddownload
3.6 FUND3.6downloaddownload
FUND3.7download download 
3.8 FUND3.8downloaddownload
3.9 FUND3.9downloaddownload